Muhammara Dip and Pita Chips

Muhammara Dip

I whole heartily believe that I live in the best neighborhood in Atlanta.  Westside wasn’t always this way.  When we first moved in, the area around us was underdeveloped (including sections of missing sidewalks) and was a bit sketchy.  What can I say– rent was cheap and Roark could bike to his classes at Georgia Tech.  However, over the past five years, some of the cities’ hottest restaurants, bars, and shopping have popped up within walking distance from our door.  Everyday it’s something new, which makes Westside so exciting (and expensive- ugh)!

One of my favorite shops in the area is Preserving Place.  Dangerously located right next to the J.Crew, the store sells all of the canning equipment that I need and for reasonable prices.  They also make their own jams, which are all fantastic and use locally sourced ingredients.   Read More

Peach and Blackberry Upside Down Cake

Peach and Blackberry Upside Down Cake

My neighborhood finally got a Farmer’s Market about a month ago.  I couldn’t have been more excited when I first read the news on Facebook, shouting the announcement to Roark in the other room.  Every Sunday since it opened, I’ve taken the short 10 minute walk down to Market to talk with the farmers and procure my produce.  It’s been life-changing.  No, really… Life-changing…

Before, I had to drive about 30 minutes to the other side of Atlanta to reach a Market, making it difficult to do regularly.  Having the Market just a skip down the road now has allowed me to visit each week and really get to take in the seasons and the changing harvests.  My first week there were strawberries, but those were short lived.  Read More

Roasted Beet Soup and Caramelized Onion Tartines

Beet Soup

Oh readers, it’s been a year – figuratively and literally – since I made my last post.  I won’t bore you with the details about what happened during this time frame (an amazing excursion to France and Italy, a Grammy nomination, and homemade pasta, which you saw if you follow me on Instagram), but there were some job changes for both Roark  and myself that made it difficult to be in my kitchen, let alone use my camera, food photo props, and Word Press.

But then there are the expectations that one puts on them self. ‘If I can’t do two posts a week, why do it at all?’  ‘If I can’t take the most perfect photos, is it even worth the bother?’  The list goes on…but I’m back today with a renewed sense of enthusiasm to share the exciting things going on in my kitchen!  Read More

The Homemade Kitchen- Reuseable Towels

Every night at dinner, Roark and I would use paper towels for napkins.  Feeling a bit wasteful throwing a barely used napkin away each night, we then started sharing a paper towel between us to cut down on the garbage.  Eventually when I was literally cutting the paper towel in half, so we could share a smaller piece each night, it dawned on me- why not get reusable napkins?!

A hefty investment at first, I found a seller on etsy that offered napkins made from organic cotton (figuring if I’m going there, I might as well go all the way).  We purchased 28 napkins, calculating a napkin for each of us for two meals a day, seven days a week.  The day they arrived, I couldn’t have been more excited.  Read More

Fresh Pea Soup with Minted Cream

Fresh Pea Soup with Minted Cream

By now we are all aware of the plight of the honeybees.  Our industrial agricultural system is wreaking havoc on their populations, and in the last five years, we’ve lost over one-third of their colonies nationwide from Colony Collapse Disorder.  These numbers are a terrifying thought when you take into consideration that every third bite we eat would not exist if it weren’t for honeybees.

These industrious workers just don’t deserve our attention because of their honey supply; without their pollination some of our favorite foods would not exist.  Imagine a world without nuts, avocados, apples, melons, and strawberries!  Like Laurey Masterton, author of The Fresh Honey Cookbook says, “No one depends on honey, even though we may like it.  But ingredients, a third of all we eat?  Read More

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