About Shawn O’Neill

Hey, I’m Shawn O’Neill and welcome to The Healthy Helping. As a vegetarian for over 13 years who also avoids processed foods, I have spent lots of time in the kitchen. My passion for food is surely in my genes (my dad was known to make spaghetti sauce from scratch at 3 a.m. for a “late night snack”), and this blog serves as a way to share it others.

Besides cooking, I enjoy reading and traveling. I work in PR for my day job, and live in Atlanta with my musician boyfriend and our two cats, Gary and Gabby, both rescues. My dream is to one day retire to a small farm in Italy, but for now my eight pot porch garden will have to suffice.

About The Healthy Helping

The Healthy Helping started back in 2010 as a way to chronicle all the recipes that I made, deemed delicious, and wanted to save for myself without having to keep track of thousands of scraps of paper. As someone who has always enjoyed cooking, I regularly made meals for my family and friends, who were also interested in the recipes. The site was a way for me to share my culinary findings with them as well.

All the recipes on the site are vegetarian and made with real food. I believe in eating food as close to its natural state as possible, so you won’t see any low-fat or artificially colored foods on the site. To avoid all the ‘food like substances’ that the agriculture industry pushes upon us every day, my rule is that if my grandma could eat it when she was little, then it’s healthy for me to eat today. That being said, you might see the occasional sugar or veggie sausage sneak into a recipe because you only live once and why not have a special treat?

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