Pear Butter

The first time I ever tasted fruit butter was back in middle school.  We were staying at my mom’s cousin’s house.  Clint happened to be an officer in the Navy and was situated with a nice piece of property right on the inter-coastal waterway where we went crabbing (these were my meat eating days) and swimming.  It was such a fun place to visit as a kid.

One day during the visit, everyone was having sandwiches for lunch.  When I explained that I wanted just plain peanut butter, hold the jelly, Clint gave me a weird look.  After telling him about my dislike of jelly, he asked if I liked Apple Butter.  Never having tasted it before, I was presented with a spoonful to try before slathering some on my sandwich.  It was love at first bite!  The Apple Butter had the fruit flavor I was looking for without the squishy stickiness I didn’t like in Jelly.

Ever since then, around fall when we would go pick apples as a family or take a hiking trip to the mountains with friends, I would always search out and secure some Apple Butter.  Now that I’ve started preserving my own food, the thought occurred to me that I could make my own butters and have them to eat year round!

Instead of the traditional Apple Butter, I wanted to share with you today this Pear Butter.  I personally think Pears are the unsung heroes of fall.  You can eat them while they are crispy like an apple, but let them ripen up and they will be dripping juices that rival any summer peach.

This recipe is super easy to make, thanks to Food In Jars.  It’s made in the slow cooker and literally only requires a stir once an hour.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make, and I’m looking forward to trying some of the other butter recipes in her book now.

This Pear Butter is good on a toasted Almond Butter sandwich, and is perfect with yogurt and granola for breakfast.  I can also imagine I would be delectable with some crepes and fresh whipped cream.

Because Butters don’t contain that much sugar, their shelf life is shortened to 6-months, so be sure to mark your jars with their expiration date.  The cans would make unique holiday gifts, and the flavor is perfectly spiced for the season.  Just an idea if you’re one who likes to plan ahead!

Finally, if you’re into preserving or want to be, check out all my posts here with recipes and easy tips for beginners!

Pear Butter
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 3 1-Pint Jars
  • 10 Cups of cored and chopped Pears, about 6 pears
  • 2 Cups of Granulated Sugar
  • Zest and Juice of 1 Lemon
  • 3 teaspoons of Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of Ground Ginger
  • ½ teaspoon of Ground Nutmeg
  1. Place the Pears in a slow cooker on low heat and allow them to cook for 1 hour. Because Butters must heated slowly with a low and consistent heat, slow cookers are a perfect way to cook them. You can also try your stovetop; you will just need to be more attentive for charring.
  2. After an hour, stir the pears and crack the lid on the cooker allowing the steam to come out. The lid will need to remain cracked for the rest of the cooking time.
  3. Continue cooking down the Pears for another 5-7 hours, checking on them each hour to stir them with a spoon. At the 4th hour, you want to blend together your Pear Butter. I did this using a blender, since I like mine smooth, but you could also use a potato masher if you like yours chunkier. Return all the Butter to the slow cooker once you are done to continue cooking.
  4. One the Butter is starting to thicken and looks as though it only needs an hour left to cook, add in the Sugar, Lemon Zest and Juice, and Spices. Let it continue to cook down until it has a spreadable consistency, and then you can turn off the heat and water bath can your Butter.
  5. This recipe should make 3 1-Pint Jars, and the jars will need to be processed for 15 minutes depending on your altitude. As I said in the post, because the Butters are low in sugar, they only have self-life of 6-months, so be sure to label the expiration date on your jars for safety.






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